Watermelon Juice Recipe

Hello and Namaskar!!

Here I am sharing the recipe of Watermelon Juice which is very healthy. This recipe is very simple and easy which can be prepared instantly at home.

Since watermelon contains around 90% of water, It’s helpful to keep you hydrating during summer. Beside that, watermelon is also the source of vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium. If you want to know further benefits of it, Click here..

Here are the list of Required Ingredients to prepare Watermelon Juice: You can also watch here.

1. Watermelon-1 kg

2. Cold Water- 1/2 cup

3. Lemon- 1/2 pc

4. Mint Leaves-2

5. Pinch of Salt

6. Sugar-1/2tbsp


1. Wash and divide Watermelon into 2 parts.

2.  Peel off and remove it’s seed and chop into small pieces.

3. Take a blending jar and Pour those chopped pieces including Salt, Sugar, Mint leaves and water.

4. Blend for few second and transfer juice into glass, Squeeze half of lemon.

5. The Juice is ready. Serve and enjoy !! Happy Cooking Everyone !!

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