Top 5 Health Benefits of Lettuce

What is Lettuce? Lettuce is a green leafy vegetable. The credit for cultivating lettuce for the first time goes to Egyptians. Often used as a salad, lettuce is an important ingredient in sandwiches. It is also used in different soups mixed with other vegetables. Lettuce is considered a good antioxidant and contains other nutrients like […]


Pickle of Soybean and Fermented Leafy Green

Hello Everyone, Today I am sharing How to prepare Pickle(Achar) of Gundruk(fermented leafy green) and Bhatmas(Soybean Seed) which can be stored and consumed for long time. Soybean Seed contains large amount of Proteins. It helps us to improve our metabolism, digestive system, gaining Healthy Weight and decrease the risk of diabetes. Whereas some of the […]