Simple and Easy Way to Make Sabudana

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How many of you know about Sabudana/sago? I am pretty sure that most of the people are still unaware about it. Let me introduce it with brief introduction.

Well, Sabudana (tapioca pearls) also known as sago/rabia /saksak /sagu is kind of starch extracted from the tropical palm tree. The shape and appearance of this food resembles small sized pearl. They are popularly produced in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and few other countries. They can be found in air tight pack in every grocery shop.

During Nepali and Indian festival, devotees are not allowed to consume whole grain, so subudana have become essential ingredient during the fasting period. Sabudana is supposed to be sacred food.

Some of the recipes that can be prepared from Sabudana are:








Here’s the easy way to make Sabudana . Why not give it a try at your home during your holidays?



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