Potato Cucumber Pickle Recipe

Hello Everyone,

Here here I have shared the Recipe of Potato and Cucumber Pickle. This recipe is very easy to try at home and add extra flavors to your feast.

Here are the List of Required Ingredients:

1. Potato-500gm

2. Sesame Seed-50gm

3. Cucumber-350gm

4. Mustard Oil-3tbsp

5. Lemon-1

6. Green Chili-3

7. Onion-1 Medium Size

8. Dried Chili-3/ Since Dried Chili I am using is not so spicy, I am using 5 pcs

9. Chili Powder-1tsb

10. Garlic Cloves-3

11. Fenugreek Seed-1/2 tsp

12. Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp


1. Boil Potato for 2 whistle, Drain Water, Cool it Down and Peel off.

2. Chop potato into Cube Shape and pour into a mixing bowl.

3. Chop Cucumber into the same shape,Chop Onion and Green Chili and transfer it to a mixing Bowl.

4. Heat Up the Pan and Add Sesame Seed and Dried Chili, stir fry in Medium flame until Sesame Seed turns Golden Brown and Fragrant, transfer it to a plate immediately to cool down.

5. Take a Batan Stone (You can use Grinder to), Pour dried chili and press it.

6. Add fried Sesame Seed and Press them well together.

7. Add Garlic Cloves and Salt and Press them well.

8. After pressing 3-4 minutes, transfer the mixture into the mixing bowl and add Red Chili Powder and Turmeric Powder too.

9. Take a small pan, Heat up 3 tbsp Mustard Oil, add Fenugreek Seed and fry until seed turns little black and transfer it to mixing bowl immediately.

10. Mix Everything Well adding Lemon Juice. Serve and Enjoy this Yummy Pickle. Happy Cooking.

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