Pickle of Soybean and Fermented Leafy Green

Hello Everyone, Today I am sharing How to prepare Pickle(Achar) of Gundruk(fermented leafy green) and Bhatmas(Soybean Seed) which can be stored and consumed for long time.

Soybean Seed contains large amount of Proteins. It helps us to improve our metabolism, digestive system, gaining Healthy Weight and decrease the risk of diabetes.

Whereas some of the researches show that Gundruk(Fermented Leafy Green) contains vitamin B12 which is responsible for healthy brain function and red blood cell production.

Gundruk is popular traditional food in Nepal. There are many ways of consuming it and one of them is i am sharing today.

Here are the List of Required Ingredients:

1.Soybean Seed-100gm

2.Gundruk(Fermentee leafy green)-50gm

3.Dried Chilli-10 pcs

4.Lapsi Powder or Chat masala to taste(just to make your pickle sour)

5.Salt to taste

6.Mustard Oil-2tbsp


Step 1: Heat up the pan and fry Soybean(Bhatmas) for 6 to 7 Minutes in medium flame.

Step 2: Transfer fried Soybean to a bowl and Fry Dried Chilli for 2 minutes in low flame.

Step 3: Transfer Chilli to a Bowl and Add 2tbsp mustard Oil on Pan.

Step 4: Stir Fry Gundruk for 3 minutes in medium flame.

Step 5: Wait for 5 minutes to cool everything down you’ve fried.

Step 6 : Take a Blending Jar, and Put everything you had fried(Soybean, Dry Chilli, Gundruk) including Salt and Lapsi Powder and blend them.

Step 7: Everything is blended well! Transfer it to a bowl or air tight container for keeping long time.

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