Bhang (Hemp Seed) Chutney

Hemp-Seed, Hemp-seed-chutney

Today I am sharing the recipe of Bhang(Hemp Seed) Chutney which is very delicious and add extra sourly and spicy taste to you daily meals. This is the instant recipe, no effort consuming and easy to prepare at Home. This chutney can be served any time with the food you like.

Try at Home:

Hemp seeds are believed to be very healthy since it contains protein, omega, fiber and healthy faty acids which improves health of our heart, shine your skin tone and reduce joints pain.

Here are the List of Required Ingredients:

1. Hemp Seed-4 tbsp

2. Dried Chili Pepper-3 to 4 depends upon how spicy it is

3. Garlic Cloves-2

4. Lemon Juice-1tbsp(depends how sour you want it)

5. Mustard Oil-1tbsp

6. Salt to taste

7. Sichuan Pepper(Timur)-4

Hemp Seed/Bhang Chutney


1. Heat up the pan and pour Bhang (Hemp Seed), stir fry until the color changes little darker and fragrant. Transfer to a plate immediately otherwise it will burn.

2. Add oil on the same pan, add dried chili pepper, fry until it tuns little dark.

3. Add chopped Garlic, stir and add chopped tomato after 15 second, add salt and fry for 2 minutes in medium flame.

4. Take a blending Jar, and pour fried Bhang(Hemp Seed), add something to make it sour taste and blend it few second.

5. After blending few second, add mixture you have prepared preciously, water to make it’s consistency little thin and Coriander leaves. Blend it few second and transfer to a bowl. Now add lemon juice if you have not added something to make it sour.

6. Now serve with anything you like. Enjoy ! Happy Cooking…

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