How to Cook Tofu: Best Recipe

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Hey foodies,

Here I am sharing the recipe of Tofu . This is probably the best way of eating tofu. However, there are many ways of cooking it. Adding tofu to your diet adds many health benefits.

Here are the list of 5 awesome benefits of having Tofu:

To prepare tasty tofu you need Ingredients mentioned below:

1. Tofu-500gm

2. Tomato Puree-2 Med Size

3. Ginger Garlic Paste-1tbsp

4. Chopped Onion-2 Med. Size

5. Cooking Oil to deep fry tofu

6. Spring Onion-50gm

7. Dried Chilli Pepper-4pcs

8. Turmeric Powder-1/2tsp

9. Red Chili Powder-1tsp

10. Pinch of Black pepper powder

11. Salt to taste

12. Gram Flour-3tbsp


1. Wash tofu properly and chop it making long slices.

2. Take a mixing bowl, add gram flour,Pinch of Black Pepper Powder, Salt, red chilli powder and cumin powder(Optional), Mix them well and add chopped tofu. Mix them well,while mixing, stir gently cause tofu is very soft, it can be broken.

3. Transfer tofu to a plate and keep aside for 5 minutes, till then, heat up the pan adding sufficient oil for deep frying tofu.

4. Add tofu Slices one by one, cook one side of it for 4 minutes in low flame, don’t hurry to stir since it can be broken. Flip other side gently after 4 minutes and cook for 4 minutes again. Stir occasionally. After it turns little crispy, transfer to the strainer and drain oil properly.

5. Fry remaining tofu on the same way and keep it aside.

6. Heat up another pan,You can use same pan too leaving 2 tbsp oil. Add dried chilli pepper, fry it for 15 second, add chopped onion, ginger garlic paste, fry few second and add tomato puree, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt to taste. Fry not more than a minute and add fried tofu and chopped spring onion.

7. Mix them well and cook for just few second. Yummy tofu is ready to serve. Happy Cooking Everyone !!

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