Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd/Karela

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What pops up in your head if I say ‘Bitter Gourd’? Of course, the bitter taste that your taste buds don’t enjoy much. Even its name justifies its properties, doesn’t it?

But bitter gourd aka Karela, bitter melon or Momordica charantia is considered as one of the healthiest vegetables, as it contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and many more. Some popular varieties made from Bitter Gourd include curry, pickle, juice etc.

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Without further ado, let me put out top 5 awesome benefits of Bitter Gourd that you must know:

1. Packed with several vital nutrients

One of the reasons our body faces ailments is because of lack of various nutrients. But no worries if you gave bitter gourd served in your diet. Bitter gourd can fulfill insufficiency of some of the vital nutrients in our body as this healthy vegetable constitutes good amount of Vitamin (A and C), fiber, carbs, folate, calories, potassium, zinc, iron etc.

2. Helpful to maintain blood sugar level

Diabetes and other metabolic disorders have become major global health issues in this era. Many of the research findings reveal that the compound similar to insulin is found in bitter gourd which helps to control the blood sugar level naturally. To get the most out of bitter gourd to reduce blood sugar level, you can drink its juice in fair amount. Many of the diabetic patients have become successful in cutting out their medicine dosage doing so.

3. Boosts our immune system

carrots for boosting immunity, mero-recipeBitter gourd is rich source of vitamin C that boosts immune system. It carries antiviral properties along with elements that support our digestive system. Presence of antioxidants in bitter gourd helps maintain certain mechanism in our body that keeps fighting back to the several ailments.

4. Helpful for maintaining weight

Mero-recipe, Benefits of tofuHow many of you are fitness enthusiasts? Good news is that bitter gourd can be helpful weapon to attain your fitness goals. Bitter gourd juice enhances metabolism by stimulating lever to release some good acids which avoids accumulating fat in your body. Also, it contains very less calories and high fiber. Fiber-rich foods are always helpful for maintaining your weight.

5. Fights with cancer

Mero Recipe, Benefits of TofuWho cares of its bitterness if it can fight back to cancer?
Nature has granted us so many bitter things with excellently beneficial properties. Bitter gourd obviously is one of them. According to some research findings, bitter gourd carries anti-cancer properties. As you know cancer is a disease that remains almost untreatable but adding bitter gourd extract to your regular diet helps to fight back to the cells that cause various cancers like breast, colon and prostate.

When we talk about all its pros, bitter gourd has some cons as well. If you have certain medical conditions such as low blood pressure, G6PD deficiency, pregnancy etc., you must not avoid consulting with your doctor before adding it to your diet. It could result into some negative consequences as well.

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