5 Awesome Health Benefits of Tofu

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What is Tofu?

Tofu is made up of Soy Milk which is pressed and formed solid. Somehow it is similar with the process of making Cottage Cheese. Tofu is very popular in Chinese cuisine.
Tofu contains high protein and has essential amino acids that your body needs. It also provides fats, variety of vitamins, carbs and minerals.

Wondering how to cook Tofu ? Watch it:

Here I have listed top 5 benefits of Consuming Tofu:

1. Helps to reduce Weight

In this modern era, most of the people are suffering from rapid weight gain along with major health issue. Since Tofu contains zero cholesterol , high protein and low carbohydrate and fats, it prevents to add weight on your body. So instead of adding food containing high carbohydrate, add extra tofu to your regular diet.

2. Good for Heart Health.

Due to unhealthy food habit, Heart attack and cardiovascular diseases have emerged as one of the major health issue in the world which causes death in developed countries. Since tofu helps in reducing harmful cholesterol in the blood, it helps to reduce the risk of heart stroke and cardiac diseases.

3. Prevents the growth of Cancerous Cells

Cancer has also become the major health issue in the world that causes thousands of death per year. Tofu is believed to be the preventative in growth of cancerous cells since it contains flavonoids and isoflavonoids.

4. Maintains Healthy Skin

Another benefit of tofu is to help maintaining healthy skin. Since tofu contains Omega 3 fats that facilitate proper blood circulation, it gives the skin healthy glow.

5. Prevents Disorders related to Menopause

Many women are suffering from imbalance of the hormone estrogen that cause menopause. But since tofu contains flavonoids and isoflavonoids, it helps in restoring proper estrogen levels in the body that prevents disorder related to Menopause.


Apart from aforementioned list, Tofu aka Bean Curd has to offer a wide variety of other benefits to our health. All you need is to explore the ways to prepare varieties using Tofu. In Mero Recipe, we will come up with some really simple yet amazing recipes that make excellent use of Tofu.

Here is the exciting recipe of Tofu:

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